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Exclusive Philippine Distributor of

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  • Instruments built in MANILA, are perfectly accommodated to the climate of South East Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Middle-America, Florida, North of Australia, parts of India
  • To avoid the corrosion of iron parts only strings of brass, bronze and tombak are used.
  • All pins are gold-plated.
  • Wooden Jacks, Transposing Keyboard, Music Desk, Tuning key, Tuning Instruction, Set of Spare Strings and Plectra,
    Transport Cover of Canvas with Soft Molton Inside.
  • The Woods used are of the same kind (Species) as in the Original Instruments.
  • The Action and the Soundboard Wood is Imported from Germany.
  • Self-made keyboards of high quality.


Some References from more than 150 Harpsichords sold:


  • University of Bremen

  • University of Essen, Institut Duisburg

  • University of Hamburg

  • University of  Mainz

  • University of Frankfurt am Main

  • Opera Leipzig

  • Frankische Stiftung Halle

  • Conservatory of Mainz


  • University of  Paris (France)

  • University Mozarteum of  Salzburg (Austria)

  • Prof. Jean Francois Brun (Bordeaux/France)

  • Prof. Laura Cerutti (Milano/Italy)

  • Prof. Pedro Iglesias-Picazo (Madrid/Spain)

  • Prof. Gabrielle Junod (Basel / Switzerland)

  • Prof. Maria Angela Martinoli (Milano/Italy)

  • Prof. A. von Burg (Utrecht/The Netherlands)


  • Prof. Arthur Haas (New York/USA)

Asia and The Pacific

  • St. Francis of Assisi College, Las Pinas

  • University of the Philippines, Metro Manila, Philippines

  • Bangkok Opera, Thailand

  • Prof. Junko Nishio (Tokyo/Japan)

  • Prof. Saori Makino (Yokohama/Japan)

  • Prof. David Stern (Jerusalem/Israel)

  • Prof. Christine Faron (Sydney/Australia)      


*Productions with Nikolaus Damm Harpsichords in every Radio-station in Germany and in the most of Europe.
*30 CD recordings with Nikolaus Damm Instruments.


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organbuilder @diegocera.com


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